Every story has a beginning. Ours was 30 years ago, when in 1986 in Antigua Guatemala we opened the doors of La Portada del Palomar, a Cultural Center that consisted of an art gallery, an atelier of fine crafts, antiques, furniture, reproductions and a restaurant where they used to play concerts of classical and contemporary music.


Del Palomar was born due to the search for a proposal that reflects the essence of what we are as a country, through the decoration of our every day environments.


The mission of the company focuses on weaving products from different craft disciplines, creating a wide range of innovative designs inspired in Guatemalan Culture and tradition.


Del Palomar has evolved into a company whose most important goals are and always will be to be  aware of the richness that our culture represents and the flavor and identity that this factor can do in spaces where "What is ours, what is Guatemalan, is enhanced and valued

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